Program Coordinator

Dublin Community Center seeks Program Coordinator

The Dublin Community Center is looking for a Program Coordinator with self-starter initiative to undertake the administrative and program management tasks at the Hub.

We seek someone who is organized and comfortable multitasking.

The job has three components.

  • Administration
  • Program Management
  • Grant Writing

The administration includes scheduling, filing, and keeping the business side up to date.

Program management is comprehensive, from brainstorming exciting new projects, to communicating with community members, to advertising and overseeing.

Finally, the candidate should be a proficient writer, able to research and apply for grants on a regular basis.

The PC works closely with the Board of Directors and will collaborate with the Board on short- and long-term goals for the center. Ideally, the candidate has a strong tie to the Monadnock region. Enthusiasm for small-town communities is a must!

Part Time (approx. 20 hours per week)

Please email a resume and cover letter to the Board at

Currently conducting interviews, apply ASAP!

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