The Building

The original building was constructed in the 1840s and by 1850 was known as the Union Store. The store was in continuous operation from the 1840s until 1983, and it intermittently housed the Dublin Post Office until the 1950s. It was a place where Dubliners and travelers could find a wide range of items for sale, from clothing and food to hardware and tools. It was equally important as a place to meet and socialize, conduct business, and catch up on local, national, and international events.

From 1844-1853 and again for seven years beginning in 1861 it served as the Dublin Post Office. Presumably, news about the Civil War was shared from this spot as it served as the town’s telegraph office, and 1864-1868.

In 1869, the building was enlarged by moving the original structure back and attaching a larger building in front of it. In 1895, second floor rooms were added in the rear of the building, including the first indoor bathroom installed by a Dublin resident. The two and a half-story white frame building was built in two sections. The newer front section is a commercial version of the regional vernacular Greek Revival style, with its ‘temple front’ facing the village oval, with gabled dormers on the top floor. The two-story frame ell at the rear has a new second story deck on the east and encompasses the original store which was moved back when the front section was built.

The Renovation

A video about the history and renovation of the building

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